The picturesque and historical city of Jaunpur is situated on the northwest side of Varanasi. The History of Jaunpur has a significant value and has a historical importance to it. History of Jaunpur dates back to 1388, during which period the Sultan of Delhi, Feroz Shah Tughlaq appointed a eunuch in the name of Malik Sarwar as the governor of the region. After a few years the Delhi Sultanate was weakened by the 1398 sacking of Delhi by Timur and Malik Sarwar. At this time Malik Sarwar and Timur declared independence. After this Malik Sarwar and his son founded the Sharqi dynasty. The Jaunpur Sultanate was a very strong military power in northern India during the Sharqi period. The Jaunpur Sultanate had threatened the Delhi Sultanate on several occasions. The History of Jaunpur states that initially Jaunpur was a major center of Sufi and Urdu knowledge and culture. As years passed by, Jaunpur slowly and steadily flourished and prospered as an important cultural center. In the year 1480 Jaunpur's independence came to an end when the Sultan of Delhi named Sikander Lodi conquered the city.